Fancy A Cuppa?

Posted on 02 Nov 2012


Fancy A Snuggle love a good cup of tea and they were thrilled to see this new app that means you can switch the kettle on when you are in another room or even on the way to or from work. No more standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil, this new iPhone App can flick the switch on the kettle for you.


It is called the WeMo app and it links to your device plugged in at home (the WeMo switch) using the wi-fi connection to boil your kttle, turn on your lamp, heater or any other gadgets in the house.


The electronics company, Belkin, have designed this product with another one called the WeMo Motion which uses a motion sensor to turn gadgets on and off at your home. You can use this to turn an item on if someone walks past it and it will stay on for 15 minutes (or another chosen time) if no further motion is detected.


The iPhone app is great for anyone that has a home wi-fi network and an iPhone / Smart Phone or tablet. The designers have said that this product works as well in a two bedroom apartment as it does in a five bedroom mansion. This product can suit all needs.

The WeMo app is free, the WeMo switch is priced at £40 and the package of the switch with the WeMo Motion costs a total of £80.


If you love a cup of tea as much as Fancy A Snuggle then why not get this app and switch, you could also take a photo a cup of tea and turn this into your iPhone case?

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